Week 3 – The Communication Brief Worksheet

Project Summery.. 
What is the basic overview of the project?
We are making a convenient website for new users to apply for classes online.
This is a constructive site that will be appealing to the user it will prove 
that the school is legitimate. 
What is the single purpose of the new site?
To be more user friendly and to show that we care about our students. 

     What are the secondary goals of the new site?

The secondary goals are meeting a larger quotation of new students. As long          as we create a strong and constructive site to show that we sincerely care about          our school the secondary goals will fallow.

   What are the long-term goals?

The long term goal is to help students achieve with a higher GPA. We hope to leave such an impact that will leave employers highly anticipating the next round of graduates. 

Audience Profile.. 

Who is your target audience?

The target audience will mainly be towards high school graduates. Although, we do not want to make the site look like its particularly veered towards any specified age group. This could cause a middle aged pre-graduate to get overwhelmed and reject the idea of taking any classes. We want to keep it looking neutral when it comes to age or gender. We want to make it beneficial for traveling workers by creating user-friendly classes online. This site will include an abundant amount of online classes and linked to those classes will be detailed tutorials to assure quality support for our students.

What is a typical task the visitor might perform on

the new site?

The first task that a visitor will perform is exploring the website. This will call for an easy to use navigation. We need to make the site attractive to the audience so that they will trust us enough to make the commitment of enrolling in the classes that we provide. If they do enroll online we need to make sure that we can provide them with the materials for their classes as well. The new students might live far from the school so they might look into buying their books on our website long before the semester starts. Students will also need technical support and need a page that will allow them to find that support; wether it be online video tutorials or just a brief instructional that is written and provided by the teacher. This site should be interactive with all students so students can help one another.

What do these people care about? Why are they interested in the product the site will be offering?

These people care about maintaining a good GPA. They are interested in the school because it is testified by previous students that it is a quality school. This is a school that is known for its high transfer rates and we want to show it through our site by including the large goals that have been achieved by our school. This calls for a “School History” page.


What does the target audience think and feel about the company and the current website?

From what I have heard, the target audience is not satisfied with the current website.

What do we want them to think and feel?

We want them to think and feel that it is a quality, supportive website.

How will this new website help achieve this goal? What adjectives can be used to describe the way the website and the company should be perceived by the target audience?

We can achieve this goal by getting a better understanding of what our target audience needs.

 What are some specific visual goals the site should convey?

This site should not be too over the top. We should be conscientious while designing the site. We need to make sure that the most important elements like navigation and headlines are the hierarchy of the design layout. We should also show photos of the campus to show that it is a nice environment.

Communication Strategy: How will we meet our measurable goals?

What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience?

The overall message is that we are going to provide them with the highest QA as long as they are with us.

How will you convey the overall message?

We will convey the message by having detailed content that is not confusing by any means. This design will be easy to use to refrain from any frustration or confusion of the user. When a first-time user finds our site we want to leave a good impression. If that user is already confused the first time they visit our site then chances are they are looking at us thinking we already have poor communication skills and without good communication skills information is lost and students grades decline.

Identify stages of development (if appropriate) execute goals.

How will you measure the success of the redesigned site?

The success of the site will be measured by the amount of students that apply to the school. We will compare and contrast the old number of applicants with the new number of applicants and see if the new number of applicants is exceeding the old. This site will also have the capability of detecting how many visitors the site has on a day to day basis.

Competitive Positioning: How you are different from your competition and the factors that will make you a success.

How is your company or your web presence different from your competition?

This schools website is different from other schools websites because it shows more testimonials of post graduates. I think it would be good to not only show what they have achieved in school, but show where they are now achieving outside of school. This will prove to the viewers that they can achieve the same goals after college as well. I want to make the website different in a way that will allow all students to interact together on a live feed. kind of like face book, but on a much smaller scale for the purpose keeping their focus on the current topic.

What specifically sets your company apart from your competition?

It is smaller witch allows teachers to be more hyper-focused each and every individual student.

What areas of the current site are successful and why?

The navigation is good because it is not too complex.




Reading Assignment 2

What are the differences between a Formal and an Informal Industry Analysis?

* A formal industry analysis has a large budget and is conducted by marketing and strategy-focused teams with solid research methodologies driven by experience.
* An informal industry has a small budget and is not as conducted by marketing.

Name a few of the features you might look for when you are doing a Competitive Analysis.
What are the three main areas for rating when evaluating for a Competitive Analysis?

* Who are the Key industry players?
* Who are the smaller firms with new innovations?
* Who are the clients Direct competitors?

Here are some recent projects I have been working on.

It is the first week of Web III and I’ve got my hiking shoes on, but I’ll need a few ladders and ropes to make it across the steep terrain.

Assignment :1

How many phases are part of the Core Process and what are they?

There Are 5 phases: Define the Project, Develop the Structure, Design Visual Interface, Build and Integrate Launch and Beyond 
What is “Scope Creep” and how can you prepare for it?

“Scope Creep” is defined as the slow, inevitable swelling of a projects scope from something defined to something significantly larger than planned. So I hear that “Scope Creep” will happen to almost every project. 
What are the two ways to combat content delay?

Hire a Content Manager or Create a Content Delivery Plan.

What does the “QA” in QA testing stand for?

Quality Assurance
What do the authors mean when they refer to “Smart Design?”

A “Smart Design” is a well thought out design. A design that is easy to use. 

What does the word “Discovery” refer to?

Discovery leads to understanding three things: the clients online goals, the audience and its needs and online capabilities, and the industry and the competition as it relates to the web. It is the act of gathering info and asking allot of questions 

Give me a couple examples of “good client” attributes and “red flag client” warning signs.

A client that puts allot of thought into answering your questions are more likely to be “good clients”. Secondly, a client that can deliver needed content for the site in a fashionable time frame, is also an example of a “good client”.

Watch out for a client with a small budget and a quick deadline. And clients that are not willing to spend the time to answer questions or give you proper feedback are usually “red flag clients” and should be dropped from your schedule. 

What is an audience profile? What is another name for it?

“Demographic” An audience profile can range from age, gender, online frequency, connections speed and even online habits like shopping or trading. Where the target audience is located, also has allot to do with it. For example, If I were to make a website for Tiva Sandals I would include meta tags that would relate to recreation/outdoor activities. 

Name some of the things you need to analyze when determining an audience’s capabilities?

Ask how much your client is already earning from their target audience. Ask another similar company how large their audience is to compare and contrast with your current client. This will estimate the potential of your current clients product or service.

You can also build individual profiles. This calls for interviewing an individual that is part of the target audience and seeing how he or she response to that product or service. Also see how frequent that person interacts with that website. This will make you see what changes need to be made to that website. 

Identifying your audience’s technical capabilities: Ask yourself what your target audience is using. Are they using newer computers with higher-bandwidth? Or is the target audience most likely going to have lower bandwidth than average? It all depends on the product that you are selling. You also have to keep in mind that all users do not have a large monitor so you might need to stick with 800/600 screen reslolution. 

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